Strategic Sales Plan

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. provides Strategic Sales Plan Development, Sales personnel Profile Development based on company needs, and assistance in the hiring process.Global Marketing Insights, Inc. provides Strategic Sales Training for Sales Team and Executive Management Team. The four day Strategic Selling training program consists of:

Strategic Marketing Plan

Global Marketing Insights Inc.’s Strategic Marketing Planning program provides complete marketing plan development in coordination with the Client’s strategic plan.

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. utilizes a specific system and methodology in order to develop and implement a Strategic Marketing Plan. These programs are traditional and e-commerce based. These plans are facilitated on-site in four days (with guidance of GMI’s senior associates) in order to insure that this plan is one which the client owns and understands. The Strategic Marketing Plan includes the development of:

Additional items developed in the Marketing Plan are:

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. possesses personal data bases of over 60,000 remote sensing and geospatial contacts worldwide and utilizes these contacts in order to provide specific market information and invaluable networking and growth opportunities to clients. These data bases are not for resale and are the intellectual property holdings of Global Marketing Insight, Inc.