Society of HPC (High Performance Computing) Professionals

Society of HPC (High Performance Computing) Professionals

Launches the Cybersecurity Center of Performance:

1st LUNCH and LEARN of 2016

Carlyle-Crescent Center 1940 Duke Street, in Alexandria, VA

Thursday, February 25, 2016 Noon to 1:00pm


The HPC in Cybersecurity Center of Performance is all about collaboration and its meetings are focused on bringing together subject matter experts to discuss HPC in cybersecurity. The topics range from HPC as a tool to combat cyber threats and cyberattacks; to best practices in keeping HPC investments secure from potential threats. Monthly meetings are held in DC/MD/VA and Texas.

The Government Geospatial Sector Faces the Impacts of IoT, Cloud, & Cyber Threats while Managing Massive Content, Conveyance Technologies and Context Space

Dr. Johnson will focus on the ways in which the government and commerce are facing the onslaught of commercial geospatial imagery, the Internet of Things, Cyber Threats and the Cloud in order to:

  • Address big data and face the real challenge - which isbig data analytics with pixel intense problems.

With additional comments by Earl Dodd, President of Ideas and Machines, who will discuss ways in which to:

  • Tightly couple HPC systems, networks and clusters while still maintaining data accuracy and standards.

During the meeting Earl Dodd, President IDEAS and MACHINES, Board Member and Maryam Rahmani, Policy Cybersecurity Specialist, Board Member will provide brief overviews of the organization. For information about the SHPCP:

The SHPCP Annual Technical Meeting which was held on 02 December 2015 in Houston Texas at Schlumberger and Dr. Johnson spoke as part of a strategy panel entitled "HPC in Cybersecurity: How HPC Resources are used in Cybersecurity" where the panel addressed:

"An organization's ability to execute its critical responsibilities depends on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of secure facilities and computer systems, data and workflows that support its mission. Modern methods for the identification of cyber threats increasingly involve techniques featuring cross-analysis of data coming from several different sources-and these techniques further increase the supercomputing capacity required. The panel discussed how an organization can leverage the emergence of the tangible need for HPC and Big Data to perform the large number of "security checks" required in an extremely short time".

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Event date: 02-25-2016
Event End Date: 02-25-2016
Location Carlyle Crescent Center

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